Guide for Sushi Stand

This guide is designed to help you use your time and supplies well.

XP = Experience Points

Star = Weekly Resort Tournament

 Sushi Stand

Steamed Rice (30 Seconds to Make)

1 XP & 1 Star

Fish Roll (3 Minutes to Make)

2 XP & 2 Stars

Crab Roll (5 Minutes to Make)

10 XP & 4 Stars

Egg Roll (10 Minutes to Make)

5 XP & 3 Stars

Lobster Roll (1 Hour to Make)

18 XP & 15 Stars

Spicey Crab Roll (1 hour 30 Minutes to Make)

42 XP & 40 Stars

California Roll (30 Minutes to Make)

37 XP & 35 Stars

Sushi Boat (1 hour and 20 Minutes)

74XP & 40 Stars


How do you use your Sushi Stand to work for you the best? Easy!!! You need to make lots of Rice!!! Rice is needed in almost every single recipe. It takes 30 seconds to make rice. Rice is also used in recipes at other workshops. YOU NEED TO STOCK RICE!

Every time you log in to play for a while, start off by making rice. I make over 300 rice a day but I do not expect you to do that too! (Unless you want to)

Start off by making 40 rice! That’s twenty minutes. Then start making other recipes. Remember before you leave the game… stock your Sushi stand with one of the higher XP items (Lobster Roll, Spicey Crab Roll, California Roll, or Sushi Boat). That way they will be done when you get back on the game later. It’s all about racking up points so you can level and make first place in the Weekly Resort Tournament!


Guide for Tiki Bar

This guide is designed to help you use your time and supplies well.

XP = Experience Points

Star = Weekly Resort Tournament


Pineapple Smoothie (1 Minute to Make)

1 XP & 1 Star

Pina Colada (5 Minutes to Make)

3 XP & 2 Stars

Daiquiri (20 Minutes to Make)

3 XP & 5 Stars

Bubble Tea (1 Hour to Make)

12 XP & 12 Stars

Passion Punch (2 Hours to Make)

22 XP & 20 Stars

Chocolate Shake (8 Minutes to Make)

19 XP & 4 Stars

Acai Smoothie (Info Comming Soon)


How do you use your Tiki Bar – to get the most points and experience while still stocking up for the rest of the play in the game? Easy!!! You do items that are going to work with the time you have to play.

Let say you are going to be on for an hour and ten minutes –

Start with making 10 Smoothie (Ten Minutes) then make 4 Pina Colada’s (Twenty Minutes). Then finish off by making 5 Chocolate shakes (Forty Minutes or 2 Daiquiri’s if you are not at chocolate shake level).

You know have earned = 117 XP and 38 Stars

But wait!!!! Before you leave you need to place either Bubble Tea or Passion Punch in your Tiki Bar… That way when you have time to play again they will be done!

3 Bubble Tea = 36 XP and 36 Stars.   While 3 Passion Punch = 66 XP and 60 Stars. That’s extra points that are waiting for you the next time you log-in!

By doing this you will earn at minimum 153 XP and 74 Stars per day. In a week you will have earned 1071 XP and 518 Stars. That’s with only this one workstation!

Of course.. if you have a couple of minutes throughout the day to just add more of Bubble Tea or Passion Punch your numbers will be much higher, faster!!!

Running out of an item.. Trade your Bubble Tea or Passion fruit with members in your club (who play more often) for items you need. This way you are gaining XP and working hard towards your Weekly Resort Tournament while still being a team player!

Stop.. Read First! A Beginner’s Guide to FarmVille: Tropic Escape


If you loved playing the original Farmville from Zynga.. you are going to love Farmville: Tropic Escape.

This guide is designed to help you use your time and supplies well.


Planting is a must in this game. Every time you plant an item, it doubles. The more crops you grow the more items you can make. The items you grow are stocked in the Silo.  Crops are ingredients for recipes at your shops. They are also used to feed animals and complete orders.  You can buy more if you run out, either using gems (not recommended) or through other players on your boat.  (Club members are more than willing to sell some to you… Just ask).

Always have something growing on your farm. Even if you do not need it, someone else may. This will fill up your Silo rather quickly, but you’ll be using all of it very quickly too.

Silo and BH


Shops and Recipes

To fill orders you are going to need shops. Buy your shops as soon as you can. Shops take time to set up. As you get higher leveled, the longer the shop takes to set up. 

You will need shops to complete recipes to fulfill your order board. Recipes take time. Start with the easy ones first (under half-hour) when you are on. Do the longer ones ( over a half-hour) when you are not going to be on. This way you use your time effectively.

Stock up on recipes (5 of each, then 10 of each and so on until your boat house fills up). Some recipes require other recipes.

For Example – you need rice to make any of the rice rolls. You will need more rice than any other item in the game. Rice only takes thirty seconds to make, but if you don’t have enough on hand you can run out when your Sushi building is busy making other items that take longer.

Pineapple Smoothies, Ceviches, Fried Rice, and Truffle Fries are needed for your Guides at the Reef, Springs, and Cave. You should double stock these items. You do not want to run out.











Early on in the game, you will get guides to help you. These guides are earned as you level, requested through a club, or an event. Guides are used to find special items for you at different areas on the map. The first area you will get is the Reef. The reef needs two Pineapple Smoothies to send out your guides for 15 minutes. You can send up to three guides. I suggest sending the max to get the best rewards.

You need to send guides to the Reef for crabs. crabs are used in recipes and completing orders. You may also receive a shell (used for recipes and orders) and/or a treasure box. Treasure boxes contain items to help you clear your land or upgrade your silo and boathouse.

As you level other areas will open:

  • Reef at Level 4 with Guides -Domingo and Chloe
  • Hot Springs at Level 12 with Guide Maya
  • Cave at Level 18 With Guide Luis
  • Ship at Level 24 with Guide Zack
  • Sky Cliffs at Level 30 with Lola









Is your silo and boathouse full of items? Now what? Time to fill your orderboard!!! Orders come in from your guest on this lovely board. Each order is different and each order offers experience points and coins.  When you see a check mark on an order, then you have the items needed to complete that order.

Be careful and keep an eye out on the experience you get from each order. If an order asks for 20 coconuts for 100 experience, then do it. Coconuts are easy to get. But if an order asks for 4 candles for 100 experience.. you may want to delete that order. Candles take an hour to make.  Its up to you, but as you level you will have more items to make and time is money as they say!

To delete an order just click the pink button. A new order will re-appear in 15 minutes to an hour depending on your level.

Some events will have double experience on orders. Then go hog wild filling orders. You will level quickly this way.


Gems are harder to get. Save them at first. As you level you will need to open more spots in your workshops and purchase a mermaid. The more spots you have open in your workshop the more you can make when you are off the game, or just in and out.

The mermaid is very helpful, but also very expensive. The best deal is the weekly deal. The mermaid will go and get you items or recipes you request every two hours. She will not get items used for upgrading your silo or boathouse and she will not get you tools or items needed for your land.

Gems can be earned through achievements, watching videos, doing quests, or in the sunken treasure chests. You can earn enough gems to buy a mermaid each week and open one extra slot at any of your workshops.

Sunshine and Hourglasses


Sunshine is used to help items grow faster or on animals to find items faster. You can earn sunshine through quests or find them in Sunken treasure chests. To max out your sunshine, send and receive sunshine with your Facebook friends. You can receive and send 50 sunshine each day.

Hourglasses are used to help speed up the process of items in your workplaces. Hourglasses can be earned through quests or found in sunken treasure.


Most important.. Have fun. This game is very addicting!


Game On!