Tutorial – Food Club…How does it work?

Food Street Club

Food Club … How does it Work?

Getting the Club Tent

You have been playing for a bit now and you just reached level 12. Congrats!! Now it is time to unlock that construction zone where your club events will be held and your chance to find a great club to join!








There will be a short little act by the character at the construction zone and then the opportunity to click on the crane to get operations working. It will cost you 1000 coins to unlock and start construction. The construction takes 24 hours to complete or you can speed the process up by using 15 gems.

After construction is complete you will see a bunch or presents wrapped in red and white laying on the ground. Just tap on the present and another small tutorial act will start. The act will show and tell you how to find a club, do orders for events, and your event storage!

Club Tent


Which Club to Join

Now that you have everything unlocked it is now time to find the perfect club. You can do this by creating your own club (it will cost you and you have to be a certain level) or you can join one that is already made. There are two options when joining a club that is already made, they are:

  • Ask to Join
  • Anyone can Join

Ask to Join clubs are designed to give the owner the right to accept or refuse you’re a request to join. These clubs can take some time to be waiting to be accepted. If the owner refuses your request to join you will have to wait 24 hours before trying again. These are set up so the owner can choose players who are a certain level or by a friend of a friend. Some will even have mandatory requirements in their motto.

Anyone can Join clubs are designed to join right now. They are starter clubs that usually do not have a bunch or requirements. To join these clubs you just click the join button and you are in. There is no waiting to be accepted.

You can choose clubs based on a certain character, food street item or even by language! The choices are up to you.


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