Tutorial – Tips


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, these tips are designed to help you be more successful with your restaurant! 

  • First and most important tip – Backup your game progress either through facebook or the game center your device is using.
  • If you run out of an item, its ok…. You can plant for FREE!
  • Plant items that take longer when you are going to be off for a long period of time. This way they will be ready when you log back on.
  • Each bush or tree can be revived by a friend once. Just click on the helping hand.
  • Stella has a stall in your trades. She restocks different items for you daily. She usually restocks the same time the wheel resets.
  • Spin the wheel one time a day for free – That’s one free item or gem or if you are lucky you might land on the double and get two!
  • Food trucks are tricky, but if you look at the blue sign where the truck is normally it will give you a hint!
  • If you are stuck on a food truck ask for help. You can use two helping hands on any two orders. So use them wisely.
  • Collect saws to get rid of dead trees and collect gloves to get rid of dead bushes. Dead bushes and trees take up a lot of space and limit how many plants you can have out.
  • Participate in Events and Chef Challenge to earn Vouchers and special prizes!
  • Rare items like Hard hats, tool boxes, tape measure. stakes, deeds, etc…. drop at random. Be sure all factories are running and try to collect plant plots as soon as they are finished for better chances.
  • Save your gems to buy upgrades, rare items, or slots on your machines!
  • To ensure you don’t accidentally spend those gems, be sure to go to settings checklist and make sure your double tap is clicked for gems.

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