The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future (Chris Guillebeau)

The $100 Startup is a very interesting and eye-opening read: many of the people featured just got going with something rather than giving it a great deal of advanced study.

The book would have benefited by going deeper into each story — I wanted more about exactly HOW some of them got started, what obstacles they met along the way, and how they overcome those obstacles. In particular, I was intrigued by the story of Naomi Dunford, who apparently launched an online empire from nothing (Ittybiz) by offering to brainstorm with people for $250 a pop. Apparently people were willing to hire her for this right away… how did THAT happen?

The author also undoubtedly encountered some people who tried to launch a “$100 startup”, failed, and wound up concluding that this life was not for them. Those cautionary tales would have offered some good lessons to anyone considering the approach the book recommends.

In fairness, much of that information could be contained in the materials the author sells on his website. The $100 Startup gives a valuable introduction to the idea of starting a business on a shoestring, and planted at least one idea-to-be-seriously-explored in this reader’s head.


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Clair B Cruz
Clair B Cruz

This book is really great… Teaches a lot about earning and making great life

Helga Johnso
Helga Johnso

Didn’t know what to expect so was pleasantly surprised (probably because the title evoked “get rich fast”). Things I liked: 1) thorough coverage of all things related to conceiving, test driving, launching and growing a micro business. 2) case studies and realistic financials: perfectly highlighted the diverse range of product and services that can be offered through such a model of micro business. The financials are realistic numbers, therefore setting reasonable expectations (hopefully) for people who might consider trying or benchmarking. 3) The discussion about scaling vs. keeping it small is a very interesting one: I liked that the author… Read more »

Helen Starnes
Helen Starnes

I read this book a few years back.but had forgotten most
of its material, but I yesterday picked it up again and finished reading it
just in one go. This book is must read for every entrepreneur who
wants to build his/her own castle. A must read.