Ain’t She a Peach? (Molly Harper)

Molly Harper’s Southern Eclectic books are proving to be fast, fun and engaging books! Her characters are eclectic, fun, interesting and likable. Characters from the first book in this series (Sweet tea and Sympathy) are also in this book! This book does work very well as a standalone novel but I do encourage reading both books as they are fun, quirky and light. Perfect for when you need a change of pace, are in a reading slump or just want to read an entertaining book!

Eric Linden is an ex-Atlanta police officer who has moved to Lake Sackett, Georgia to serve as the town Sheriff. He is hoping for a slower paced life and job. He is used to high rate crime and sees murder and foul play in most of his cases. He also learns that Frankie McCready, a woman he has a sort-of past with not only lives in the town, but is employed by McCready Family Funeral Home & Bait Shop as the town coroner and embalmer. Yes, you read correctly – a bait shop and a funeral home. I did warn that this book is quirky.

Frankie McCready is an interesting person. She likes to color her hair interesting colors, has a sarcastic sense of humor and is the family baby. Due to the nature of her job, she and Eric have a lot of interactions which are a little awkward due to their sort-of history in the past. They share barbs and insults which make the dialogue fun and moves the story along.

Frankie and Eric also must work together to determine who has been trying to break into the funeral home after hours. Frankie is determined that she knows the identity of the guilty party and Eric attempts to solve the crime while keeping Frankie from getting herself into trouble as she attempts to solve the crime.

As I previously stated, Harper’s books are quirky, light and fun! Perfect reads for those looking for something light and enjoyable. Her books are full of witty and fun characters such as Great-Aunt Tootie, the gambling, boozing, dog-collecting matriarch of the family! Her characters deal with real life issues but with a little dash of charisma, southern charm and sarcasm thrown into the mix. This book was well-written, and I read it in one day as I could not put it down. This is not an edge of your seat page turner, but it was so much fun and enjoyable that I could not resist and had to keep reading. I will be reading the next book in the series when it comes out!

Thank you to Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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