The Break (Marian Keyes)

The Break is a book about Marriage and the struggles of life and trying to make it work through the ups and downs. Its about Family, Love, Grief, Relationships, and starting over.

When Amy is suddenly told by her husband Hugh he needs a break as he can’t take it any more.
He loves Amy he just needs to be free with the understanding there will be no contact and he is free to be ‘Single’ meaning he can have no strings attached guilt free sex with other women!.
So what better way then to leave her and go on a trip to South East Asia for 6months without her. Promising to come back and start over!

Poor Amy is absolutely devastated and who wouldn’t be.
If it was me and he wanted a guilt free pass, believe me he wouldn’t be returning to me ever!!
Hugh is struggling with grief and depression and can’t see anyway out.
He doesn’t give Amy a choice his booked the tickets.
How is she going to explain it to the children and their families.

So Hugh goes leaving Amy to pick up the pieces, be a single parent, work, and still worry what the hell he will be up too whist he is away.

I adored Amy I felt for her so much. I was so mad at Hugh just leaving her like that just because he can. Never mind her feelings.
I loved watching Amy blossom throughout the book.

I also want to mention Amy’s large Irish family. The atmosphere and family nights were so humbling. I don’t have particularly a large family but my grandparents lived with us all my life and we was a house of 4 generations so when I see books where family time is important it warms my heart!

Marian’s writing style was so easy to get engrossed in. Her relaxed and witty sense of writing and humour made the Characters even more relatable. Yes the story is particularly long but don’t let that put you off. Before you know it your half way through.

The Break will have you exploring all emotions, laughing, crying, anger, upset, happy.. it will keep you thinking long after reading.
This is a fabulous read with emotional subjects but plenty of humour and Irish Charm!


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Wrap Up

  • 8/10
    Chick lit
  • 8.5/10
  • 9.5/10
  • 8.5/10
  • 7/10

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Brain L. Neville
Brain L. Neville

This is the first book I have read by this author,
Now I have found the author got some series of skills
to spread messages. This book has totally taken
away my thoughts to a different setting.5 stars.


yeah heis an excellent author, and should try out more of him


If I didn’t already have the feeling that Marian Keyes had poured all of herself into this book, it was clear from the acknowledgements. Laughter out loud moments, taboo subjects, family dramas – this book had it all. Epic, and a great use of a rainy public holiday

Alex M. Hahn
Alex M. Hahn

Marian always make me laugh while I read her book.
I don’t know there is inner joy rise up when I start reading her work.
which is hard to find on other. The break is one more amazing story I needed to read. This author is my addiction.