How to Be a Star at Work: 9 Breakthrough Strategies You Need to Succeed (Robert E. Kelley)

The book is based on credible research into the differences between so-called “star” performers and average performers. The differences are not that surprising, but the key difference is the way star performers understand them vs. the average performer. A good example is the star quality of “taking initiative.” Average performers tend to view this as any idea they implement, whether it helps only them or others and whether it contributes to the bottom line or not. In other words, a lot of the average performers “initiative” is perceived by managers as just “doing their job”. Or, average performers take initiative in projects that don’t directly contribute to the bottom line, like planning the company picnic.

Stars, by contrast, see taking initiative as stepping outside their job description AND contributing something that improves the bottom line. An example might be to figure out a way to resolve a recurring service problem and then training colleagues in the method.

The book makes the case that star performers aren’t born. They don’t necessarily have above-average IQs nor possess any particular personality traits. The nine strategies identified in the book can be learned and used by anyone.

This book would make a great gift for a recent college grad.


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Must read!!! particularly very useful for students.. just to come up with amazing strategies to move on with our goals..
help us to focus on our commitments thank youuu..

June H. Shipley
June H. Shipley

This book has step by step guides on how one should approach work, All the 9 strategies Robert has included in this book are awesome. and real.

June H. Shipley
June H. Shipley

This book came out in 1998, But I have read it
in 2 years back. I dont know where it has been
missing from my list so long. But finally, when’ i read it gave me lots of business advice to achieves superior results,
for our work. It tells How an average performer can be a great star at work this book is truly awesome.

Alex M. Hahn
Alex M. Hahn

This a very good book to develop business skills,
It shows many problem-solving skills we should
have in our work. This book will teach you how can you
become a real star at work without thinking you are less
then anyone.