Before I Saw You (Amy K. Sorrells)

Life is hard! God is good! Life is about letting go and letting God. Cliches? Yes (and no, they are not used in the book).

If anything, life is about choices. Some easy. Some hard. Some based on what we know. Some based on what we don’t. We always have a choice. Throughout the book, the main character is reminded to trust God for the answers.

Life is about decisions that often affect more than the person making them. It’s evident throughout the story here and about life in general, for everyone.

Now, I know I’m being quite vague in this review but, I’m trying to keep from spoiling this great read for you.

Relationships are really what life is about and this book is full of the twists and turns, good and bad, that all relationships take. A drug-addicted mother, a woman-child who hasn’t had the benefit of a good life, a sickly baby, a bully boyfriend, an unplanned pregnancy, an unexpected turn of events, and choices, so many choices…

I highly recommend adding this to your summer reading list. It’s definitely worth your time!


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Before I Saw You

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It’s an emotional book , also it’s gripping .


This is my third book by Amy K. Sorrels and it was everything I was expecting it to be and more. The characters in this book were well-drawn, and I’ll admit I wish I could continue to fictionally live in Riverton, Indiana to find out what will happen in the future with Jaycee and Gabe, though the author does hint at it. This book doesn’t have the HEA that I was hoping for. But it took a lot of guts to make the decision that Jaycee makes in the end, and that’s why I give this book five stars. It… Read more »


Wow! This is my first ever Amy K. Sorrells novel and it most definitely will not be my last one. This book, it’s setting, it’s characters, it’s messages……all of it absolutely gripped me and took me on an emotional roller coaster ride. I was up, down, sideways, in and out while reading this novel, and it left me with a feeling I haven’t had with a book in a long, long time.

nancy hellen
nancy hellen

Few books have ever truly touched my soul like “Before I Saw You” has. As a child of adoption, this book stirred thoughts and emotions I thought I’d long ago dealt with. But after reading this book, I’ve at last been able to forgive my birth mother, and have come to understand what a truly incredible gift she gave me.
The characters in this book were completely believeable and totally relevant to today’s society.


Really it’s inspiring and mind refreshing… One shud definitely go for it


Best book for person with positive energy