Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers (Seth Godin)

Below are key excerpts from the book that I found particularly insightful: 1- “As clutter has increased, advertisers have responded by increasing clutter. And as with pollution, because no one owns the problem, no one is working very hard to solve it.” 2- “In addition to clutter, there’s another problem facing marketers. Consumers don’t need to care as much as they used to. The quality of products has increased dramatically It’s increased so much, in fact, that it doesn’t really matter which car you buy, which coffee maker you buy, or which shirt you buy They’re all a great value, and they’re all going to last a good long while.” 3- “To summarize the problem that faces the Interruption Marketers: 1. Human beings have a finite amount of attention. 2. Human beings have a finite amount of money. The more products offered, the less money there is to go around. 4. In order to capture more attention and more money. Interruption Marketers must increase spending. 5. But this increase in marketing exposure costs b\ money. 6. But, as you’ve seen, spending more and more money in order to get bigger returns leads to ever more clutter. 7. Catch-22: The more…

Wisdom from Myles Munroe (Myles Munroe)

Only Myles Munroe can wash over you with wisdom that will clean away all your troubles and trials and present you as a shining masterpiece of Gods glory. With the wisdom of Solomon, one of the best known and beloved pastors of our time, Myles Munroe, shares 40 wise and personal insights to refresh and empower you to tackle lifes challenges. This interactive devotional journal immerses you into a world where Gods power infuses you with wisdom that you never thought possible. How much better to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver (Proverbs 16:16 NKJV).    Support this site by buying the book through the links below. Thank you very much!    Buy now on eBay    Buy now on Amazon

What Truth Sounds Like: Robert F. Kennedy, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation About Race in America (Michael Eric Dyson)

There was a meeting in 1963 between Robert F. Kennedy and James Baldwin and a few of Baldwin’s friends. When you think of an example of speaking truth to power, that meeting as described by Dyson here, will indeed standout as definitive. Dyson writes “I heard over the years how explosive it was, how it brought together other folk I had admired, including Harry Belafonte. The gathering pitted an earnest if defensive white liberal against a raging phalanx of thinkers, activists, and entertainers who were out for blood. I’ve always wanted to read a book about that historic moment, and more important, about its meaning for us today as we struggle with many of the same issues America confronted 50 years ago.” Dyson has not written that book, but this one has enough details about that meeting to give a clear picture about what took place. He manages to put the reader in that room while brilliantly filling out the book with looks at the various communities represented. There are chapters on the Artists, Activists, Intellectuals and the Politicians. And Dyson doesn’t just lock into 1963, he brings the discussion current because….”racial and political truths that we still confront today.”…

Animal Farm (George Orwell)

Written at a time when the evils of communism hadn’t been fully exposed and some still thought it could work in practice, Animal Farm was sure to be an eye opener. The setting is a “normal” farm–controlled and managed by humans. But one day the animals have had enough of being oppressed and abused as human slaves. They rise up and take over the farm. Their goal is for all animals to be equal–to work for the good of the farm and for the sake of their community. Communism in action, in theory. But what will happen in practice? I can see why this book has become a classic. It demonstrates that all ideas based around a communist model are doomed to failure from the outset. Humans are basically selfish due to sin–they cannot motivate themselves to work for the good of the masses. There will always be dictators who will rise up and seek to control the workers. Who will make the rules if everyone is equal and how will they be enforced? What happens to those who depart from the agreed standards? I wasn’t expecting a short read like this to cover so many aspects of life. Previously…

The Fatherhood Principle: God’s Design and Destiny for Every Man (Munroe Myles)

The inherent purpose of all men is fatherhood. Whether a man is married or single, and whether or not he has children, he is designed by God to fulfill the role of father in the lives of those around him. It is his calling to reflect the creative and cultivating nature of God. This book provides key principles and insights that will teach you how to be a father in your personal sphere of influence. In clear and compelling terms, Dr. Munroe explains how a man can become source, nourisher, sustainer, protector, teacher, discipler, leader, head, caring one, and developer. The Fatherhood Principle provides practical guidelines for fulfilling your God-given fatherhood role by showing you… How to be the foundation of your family How to be strong even in the storms of life How to meet the needs of women How to develop the potential and gifts of children How to find your life’s vision Five vital purposes of the male Discover God’s original blueprint for men and step into your true purpose in life.    Support this site by buying the book through the links below. Thank you very much!    Buy now on eBay    Buy now on…

The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling (Annette Simmons)

Much like Stephen R. Covey (who wrote The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, among other things) Annette Simmons is not a fan of technique. That is to say, she believes that only basic goodness, honesty, and strong character can produce influence. People of good intent can learn more about the power of story to bring others to their side, but story cannot be effectively used by the ill-intentioned to manipulate others. That strategy may work in the short-term, but will eventually lead to failure. I’ve had friends tell me they think storytelling is a strength of mine. After reading The Story Factor, I hope they are right. I know what I have to do to improve, anyway… and that is always a good thing.    Support this site by buying the book through the links below. Thank you very much!    Buy now on eBay    Buy now on Amazon

A Gentleman in Moscow (Amor Towles)

In the year 1922, Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov has been sentenced to House arrest at the famed Moscow Hotel Metropol. Once of the landed elite of Nizhy Novgorod, the Count must live out the rest of his days in one small hotel room. As the Bolsheviks have persevered following their revolution, no long are there ruling classes in Russia, only comrades. It is under these conditions that Count Rostov has become a former person who can no longer step outside of the Metropol. Using this premise, Amor Towles has woven prose to create an enchanting story that makes up the Count’s changed course of existence. Over time, Count Rostov grew to call himself the luckiest man in Russia. This realization, however, occurs after he has been in the hotel Metropol for over thirty and forged close friendships with her staff and inhabitants. At first, he is a once proud man who has had all of his material possessions taken away from him and has to make do with life in a room, until the day that the Count encounters nine-year-old Nina, altering the course of his life. A precocious girl with an eye for adventure, Nina takes the Count with…

The Other Hand (Chris Cleave)

We don’t want to tell you too much about this book. It is a truly special story and we don’t want to spoil it. Nevertheless, you need to know something, so we will just say this: It is extremely funny, but the African beach scene is horrific. The story starts there, but the book doesn’t. And it’s what happens afterwards that is most important. Once you have read it, you’ll want to tell everyone about it. When you do, please don’t tell them what happens either. The magic is in how it unfolds.    Support this site by buying the book through the links below. Thank you very much!    Buy now on eBay    Buy now on Amazon

How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life (Lilly Singh)

This book deserves a glowing review. I hope I managed to do justice. This is the second book by a You Tuber that I’m reading and I have to say, I am definitely glad I picked this up. Adult life is messy, between your professional and personal worlds you are caught in this whirlwind and stuck in this maze, trying to figure your way through it. For a young adult it can be all too much and all too easy to simply lose your way. This is a book for every young adult with stars in their eyes, to take life by its horns and reach for the stars. Be it your personal life or your professional, lilly has something to offer that I am sure will change your life.    Support this site by buying the book through the links below. Thank you very much!    Buy now on eBay    Buy now on Amazon

Before I Saw You (Amy K. Sorrells)

Life is hard! God is good! Life is about letting go and letting God. Cliches? Yes (and no, they are not used in the book). If anything, life is about choices. Some easy. Some hard. Some based on what we know. Some based on what we don’t. We always have a choice. Throughout the book, the main character is reminded to trust God for the answers. Life is about decisions that often affect more than the person making them. It’s evident throughout the story here and about life in general, for everyone. Now, I know I’m being quite vague in this review but, I’m trying to keep from spoiling this great read for you. Relationships are really what life is about and this book is full of the twists and turns, good and bad, that all relationships take. A drug-addicted mother, a woman-child who hasn’t had the benefit of a good life, a sickly baby, a bully boyfriend, an unplanned pregnancy, an unexpected turn of events, and choices, so many choices… I highly recommend adding this to your summer reading list. It’s definitely worth your time!    Support this site by buying the book through the links below. Thank you…